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We work for Hindu Temples.


We work for Hindu festivals and Organize Grand Pooja's


We accept donations and do invest that money for better lives of Hindus all over the world.


We also provide Education and Study Material to the needy Hindu's.

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Welcome to Akhil Bhartiya Brahm Mahasangh

"Dharmo Rakshati Rakshataha" “The person who protects religion, religion protects him” .

Path of Truth, Love and justice is the path of religion. Following religion leads to understanding immortal truth of life.

Religion takes mind towards human being. A gentleman citizen doing good work follows path of religion and leads country Aum towards powerful and united country. Unity and integration of nation only leads to society’s progress.

What we do

Spiritual Service

Akhil Bharatiya Brahm Rishi Mahasangh as not always a pious practising Hindu as we would imagine after he rose to prominence in the wake of the Dasna Devi temple controversy.

Relief Service

There is a poignant backstory behind what inspired Yati Narsinghanand to shun the materialistic world and espouse a Hindu Sadhu’s life.

Medical Service

In the article, AKHIL BHARTIYA BRAHM RISHI MAHASANGH recounted in detail what kindled a spiritual awakening in him and pushed him to become what he is today. .


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Education for all rural children.

We are committed towards providing education to every single child in India. Donate for the education of poor children and give them the gift of education.




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Reconstruct or new construct Temple

Contributing to temple construction is a very convenient way in which you can render your service. Additionally, you can also provide donations for temple renovation which serves the same purpose. It has become a rather easy process in the modern day with extended options of online donation for temple construction.




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News Activities

Prarabdha News Bureau, Ghaziabad

The inauguration of the special two-day national convention of All India Brahm Rishi Mahasangh was organized in the courtyard of Kalpataru Sadhana and Seva Ashram located in Muradnagar, Ghaziabad.

Releasing thoughts of Brahma Rishis

Release of a souvenir of the collection of thoughts and contacts of Brahma Rishis at the convention Lt Gen Ashwani Kumar Bakshi, Air Marshal NV Tyagi, Major General GD Bakshi, Air Vice Marshal BN Tyagi, Air Vice Marshal Ajit Tyagi.

Various of Brahma Rishis joined

The main representatives of different constituents of Brahma sages Tyagi, Bhumihar, Mohiyal, Galava, Chitpavan, Iyer, Namudri, Iyengar, Kan Kunj, Niyogi from different parts of the country attended the convention.